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Information Security Learning Resources

Want to know where to find up-to-date information in the InfoSec space? Here is where I get most of mine...
Information Security Learning Resources

A common question I get when mentoring or speaking to group of people is "Where do you get your information from?". This post will serve as an ongoing answer to that. Below is a list of those I follow on social media, websites I visits, podcasts I listen to, and other sources of information that I feel are appropriate. I will update this list as needed.






Bug Bounty Programs




Something you may notice about this list is that the subject matter is varies slightly per medium. As I said, this is my list and these are people/resources that I feel give me good view of the many facets in security which directly impact my profession and interests. What or who you end up following will be much different. Find what interests you and immerse yourself!

Updated: April 2021